Fred and Barney comforter

Fred and Barney comforter

At, we find you the best prices on a Fred and Barney comforter, especially down comforters and/or a Fred and Barney comforter  In our opinion, you have come to the best page of the ENTIRE Internet for Fred and Barney comforter!

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More info about a Fred and Barney comforter?!

Very shortly, this page will feature a lot of information about buying a Fred and Barney comforter.

For now, learn how to clean a down comforter (and some tips for cleaning a Fred and Barney comforter).


Washing a down comforter...

Washing down is no huge problem. And really, you are best off doing it yourself.

Of course, if there's a local Laundromat, that offers cleaning services (usually by the pound)—and that you can trust to follow some special instructions—you could take your comforter there.

And you may have to anyway, as the only caveat is that washing MUST be done in a commercial-type, front-loading machine, or a newer home washing machine like the Maytag Neptune (which is a front-loader).

You can't use a top-loading machine with an agitator, as that will tear the baffles inside the bag. Simply toss a bag/comforter or some clothes and mild liquid detergent into the machine and wash on warm/gentle. Rinse the stuff a few extra times to make sure all the detergent is out of the down. Then, toss it into a big dryer, on medium. Some people like to toss in a tennis ball, as that will help break up the wet down clumps. Some people also say that too will tear the baffles. A few cotton towels likely would accomplish the same thing, and be gentler on the comforter.

Down stuff requires some care, especially if you are washing a favorite comforter, like a Fred and Barney comforter but remember that washing MUST be done in a commercial-type, front-loading machine.




We scour the internet to find you the best comforters of all shapes, types, sizes, themes, and costs: 

  • Sizes: Full to King comforters
  • Colors: Red comforters to black to blue to brown comforters,
  • Themes: NASCAR to NFL Comforters
  • Price ranges: cheap to luxury comforters,
  • Materials: down comforters to suede or Mohair comforters



When this site is fully operational, this page will feature tons of information about buying a Fred and Barney comforter.  You can be sure that we will have the comforter you want, at the price you are looking for.

Can't find the comforter you want?  Be sure to contact and let us know.  We are happy to be of service!

Fred and Barney comforter
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